Fake NP-FW50 battery variant #1

This is example of very good fake battery, almost undistinguishable from genuine one.

Source of above images: sample eBay auction.

Serial number of this battery does not validate (it has incorrect month and day code). It is also reported in eBay comments and on DPreview that these batteries quickly discharges especially during operation requiring more power like continuous shooting etc. It is highly possible that some copies share same serial number and/or data matrix code but there could be more variants on the market.

Serial number: E4MYJ 1EY
Data matrix: 49927650AA1403130170978021

Fake NP-FW50 battery variant #2

This variant is even harder to recognize as fake:

Source of above images: sample eBay auction.

Its serial number will validate properly unless you check it with Sony support. It is shared by some or all of these batteries along with data matrix code. Fortunately date from serial number (February 13th, 2014) does not match date from data matrix (April 12th, 2013) meaning this is a fake battery.

Serial number: E4BDA 1EA
Data matrix: 49927650AA1312040181275021

Below are images of one of those fakes. As you can see there are more differences to genuine battery. Text in hologram is not centered vertically, data matrix code is also not centered in white square, back of battery has sticker instead of text printed directly on battery. Most interesting however are fifth and sixth images with side views. You can see that top and bottom parts of battery are not precisely glued together. The line between them is wider on one side (the one with connectors). If you check that side more carefully you will see that someone crack-opened the case. Possibly all fakes of this type (and perhaps other fakes as well) have similar look.

More variants...

Examples of fake batteries will be added to this page in future. Check main page to see how you can help.