Sony NP-FW50 battery page

This site exists to help you identify and avoid counterfeit NP-FW50 batteries. It contains gallery of both genuine and fake batteries. It also allows to decode serial number of your NP-FW50 battery to check manufacture date and additionally it will check if serial number matches known schemes of genuine Sony batteries.


All informatiions presented on this site are based on analysis of various versions and copies of NP-FW50 batteries (both, genuine Sony and counterfeits claiming to be Sony).

Author of this page is not and may not be responsible for inavlid or inproper identification of batteries. To be 100% sure that your battery is genuine please contact Sony support and remember to buy only from trusted sellers and official distributors.

Serial numbers entered in form below are not stored in any form.

Galleries and other help

Tips and hints for identifying fakes

Genuine Sony NP-FW50 battery variants

Fake Sony NP-FW50 battery variants

If you have Sony NP-FW50 battery (either genuine or fake) which is not listed in above galleries please take a photos of upper and bottom side of battery and any sticker, holograms or other markings that may help in identification. Please send that photos to me so I can add them to this site. You will find contact info on bottom of this page.

If possible please include additional informations like if battery came with camera or was it bought separately. If bought separately then where, if came with camera then what was camera model, when it was bought (year). If you want you can include any comments you want that can be helpful in identifying genuine/fake batteries and enhancing serial number checks.

If you have read data matrix codes of your batteries and they do not match with serial numbers (see tips and hints for details), please send me these serial numbers and values of data matrixes so I can add them to this site.

Serial number check

You can find your NP-FW50 battery serial number in bottom right under sticker. It always has 2 parts: 5 characters long first part followed by 3 characters long second part.


Some other Sony batteries are using same serial number encoding, for example NP-FM500H. Some also have only first part of serial number. You may check them with this form too.

Battery serial number:

Contact & support

If you need to contact me about this site or you think that presented information is not correct or incomplete please send an e-mail to

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